Top 10 Rose Themed Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

Top 10 Rose Themed Bullet Journal Spread Ideas

My favourite thing about bullet journaling is coming up with different themes each month. With Valentine’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share some of my favourite rose-themed bullet journal spreads! 🌹✨

How to Draw Roses

Before I share my favourite spreads, I want to start off with a little rose drawing tutorial…


I love this one by because it’s so simple, yet so elegant. I love how she starts off with a circle, which makes this style of rose a lot easier to draw.

Credit: @pelinkan_

If you like watercolours, you have to try this amazing + simple watercolour painting tutorial by @pelinkan_!

Of course, if you prefer a different style of rose drawing, you can find other simple tutorials online. I’ve also done a simple video with different ways to draw a rose for more inspo ✨

I used our tsuki bullet journal stencils to draw the jar!

Just keep practicing your rose drawings until you get the shape you like! Once you’ve got that covered, you can start with your bullet journal spreads and layouts. Here are my top 10 rose-themed bullet journal spreads!

Rose-Themed Bullet Journals Spreads

Credit: @tiny_bujo

I want to start off this list with a cover page! I love the details on this double-page spread with the title and the roses. I also like the little quote “stop and smell the roses” on the bottom of the page.

Credit: @bujowithandrea

I love this rose-themed mood tracker by @bujowithandrea! The rose in the middle is so delicate and it looks amazing with the lines filled in.

Credit: @tiny_bujo

A rose-themed bullet journal is the perfect excuse for a flower/growth related quote. I love this quote page with a really delicate flower illustration. I also like the different typefaces; it’s definitely really nice to experiment with different fonts when you’re making a quote page to keep the page visually interesting.

Credit: @heraldeecreates

I love this simple spread by @heraldeecreates the idea of having a page for shows and films works so well! I like the simple pink accents and just a sweet little rose sticker in the middle.

Credit: @fransbujo

Using brush pens to draw the roses is such a great idea. It gives that nice watercolour effect and I love how the roses create a divider for this weekly spread!

Credit: @jade_journals

I love how simple this monthly overview is, but it’s still really fun with the rose illustrations. It looks so romantic with the roses kept white and the pink bar for a pop of colour.

Credit: @bujoandcookies

A lovely extra spread you can include in your rose-themed bujo is a self-care themed spread, where you can list down all the things you like to do. This spa day bujo spread by @bujoandcookies is such a great idea!!

Credit: @journautical

I love how elegant this weekly spread is. The minimalist style with no colour but a really elegant and detailed illustration of the roses in a jar go so well together! I also like how they included the tasks on the right!

Credit: @jade_journals

I love how simple this monthly overview is, especially the yellow tones!! It adds a little twist to the rose theme by playing around with a different colour for the rose. I’d also try this with different colours like purple and blue.

Credit: @amandarachlee

I hope this blog post gave you more ideas on how to approach your rose-themed bullet journal spreads. Why not try our Vintage Rose collection, you can use our Vintage Rose washi tapes and stamps on your bullet journal!

I’ve been enjoying adding vintage touches to my spreads with our tsuki Vintage Rose washi tape set. I hope you like it!!

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