About us

NotebookTherapy is that warm feeling of clarity you get when you sit down with a cup of tea, your favourite pen and a brand new notebook.
It's the feeling of emptying your busy mind onto the page and feeling one with yourself again.
It's for the special few who appreciate the beauty and love in a notebook. ☺
NotebookTherapy started with a love of stationery and a life-long affection for East-Asian culture. After countless evenings spent searching online for the cutest notebooks and stationery, and spending way too much money having them shipped across the world, we knew there must be other people just like us. We decided then and there to make it our mission to track down all of our most beloved stationary items, make them easily available on our store and ship them free to all corners of the globe.
We hope you may find as much clarity and love as we ourselves find in these notebooks. ☺

Cute Sushi

- NotebookTherapy Team




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