How to Use Bullet Journal Tracking Stamps

How to Use Bullet Journal Tracking Stamps

We all love bullet journaling and taking the time to make our spreads look cute and organised. It brings us joy and relaxation (for the most part) and it’s time that we get to spend on ourselves and planning out our days and weeks. BUT we all know that sometimes it can just take toooo much time trying to get all the lines straight and we just end up getting frustrated...who’s been there, done that?? 🙋🏻‍♀️ With these new stamps and some mildliners, washi-tape, stickers, etc. you’ll be able to create fun spreads that look aesthetic and took you probably half the amount of time!! There are tonnes of amazing things you can do with habit trackers and in this blog, I’ll show you how I use the different stamps to make this aspect of bullet journaling super fun and easy!

Using Bullet Journal Stamps

First, here are some of my Top Tips to share with you guys:

1) Test your stamps on a practice sheet first

2) Practice the pressure

  • Putting too little pressure could cause your stamp to not make a full imprint and too much pressure could cause unwanted rim markings!
  • Make sure to evenly spread out the pressure when you are pressing down on the stamp
  • The smaller stamps require lighter pressure for a clean imprint!

3) Make sure the stamp is evenly and fully coated in ink

  • I literally like to tap the big stamps on my ink pad like ~8 times (this might be overboard) just to really make sure everything is coated well

4) If you don’t have an ink pad for your stamps, don’t worry! Using mildliners (or any kind of marker) as the ink for your stamps also works perfectly fine. And you can make super colourful prints 🤩

5) You can also use masking/washi tape to cover up any part of your stamp that you don’t want to imprint onto your page!

What Kinds of Bullet Journal Stamps Are There?

There are lots of different types of stamps you can use on your bullet journal and there are absolutely no limits either! To break it down for you, the most popular ones are lettering stamps, doodle/icon stamps, and functional stamps.

You can use lettering stamps to spice up your titles and headers - these stamps are especially useful for people who struggle with fancy lettering and calligraphy.

Doodle stamps or icon stamps are great for beautifying your spreads with lots of cute little doodles or you can even use them as keys to symbolise different things in your trackers.

Functional stamps are stamps that add more functionality to your planner like calendar stamps, trackers stamps, etc. I personally really love functional stamps because you can get really helpful ones that help you become more organised without sacrificing the aesthetic of your bullet journal spreads.

Calendar Stamp

This stamp is super duper helpful for year-at-a-glance spreads or to include the monthly calendar somewhere in your weekly spread. We all know that creating these sorts of spreads takes forever so this stamp will be a lifesaver!

Weather Stamps + Icons

Here’s how you can use this handy weather tracker stamp! Including it somewhere in your weekly spread is probably the easiest way to use this. Write out the high and low temperatures of the day and stamp the appropriate weather icon in the box to the right. Also, include little reminders about the weather that you need for yourself so you don’t forget!

Icon Stamps

These icons can basically be used for anything and anywhere! One of my favourite ways is to use it to decorate cover pages or to add little random icons on a spread. You can also use them to create a “Current Favorites” page to keep in memory all the things you were loving throughout the weeks and months.

Bullet Journal August Plan with Me Cover Spread using NotebookTherapy Tsuki Tracking Stamps Set

@marilou_bujo creating a beautiful cover page with some of our stamps! 😍

To-do List Stamp

Use this stamp to make easy to-do lists in your daily spreads or in your weekly ones. It’s a nice way to get yourself organised and feeling accomplished throughout the day as you check off each to-do!

Bullet Journal Spread Monday To-Do List

Tracker Stamp

With this stamp, you can create a separate habit tracking spread or add it somewhere in your weekly spread. It’s super convenient and perfect for those trying to keep their habits in check! In the third picture, I’ve used mildliners to outline the box part of the stamp so that I could write the habits on top and the weekdays on the side. The format is all your preference so just see what works best for you!

Weekly Record Stamp

Use this stamp to record maybe a special activity you’ve done each day or you can even draw extra lines next to the stamp to track activities you’ve done throughout the week!

Weekly Record Tracker

Notepad Stamp

This stamp can be used in so many ways that it’s really up to you!! It’s cute to use for little reminders and notes to yourself that you want to add to your weekly spread or on something like a study page. It’s also useful for creating your monthly calendar. You can add the dates in the little banner and mark special dates throughout the month!

Bullet Journal Study Tracker Page

Receipt Stamp

This handy receipt stamp is versatile for keeping track of anything budget-related. You can use it to track your monthly expenses, as a copy of a receipt for a grocery trip, or to track how much you’ve been spending throughout the week or month. And don’t be afraid to draw extra lines to change the format of the stamps. Be creative with it!

Habit Tracker Stamp

You can never have enough habit tracking stamps, am I right?! For my August habit tracking spread, I’ve included the three habits I want to keep myself most accountable for. The icon stamps within the set are also perfect to use to fill those empty squares throughout the month as you do each habit. For some motivation, give yourself a reward at the end of the month when you have successfully filled up your habit tracker in your bullet journal!

Word of The Day Stamp

Use this word-of-the-day stamp to sum up your day or to motivate you at the start of each day. Words really make a difference in our mindset!

All in all, just remember to have fun with this stamp set!! Finding new or alternative ways to use these stamps is part of making it personal to you and making bullet journaling even more enjoyable. I’d love to hear which stamps are your favourite and how you’re using them so tag @notebook_therapy on Instagram to share with us!

Hehe here’s a pic of my fav stamp! 🙈

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