Monthly Phone Wallpaper

Monthly Phone Wallpaper ✨

Excited for October freebies?

This month, we’re super happy to share our new free wallpaper with you! Inspired by the burnt orange fall leaf colours of the autumn season πŸ‚ Β 

Designed in house by our incredible team, this calendar wallpaper is decorated in a cute fox illustration, vintage mushroom art + fluttering autumn leaves πŸ¦ŠπŸ„

Use to plan all your wholesome autumn activities, from walking in your local woodlands + mushroom foraging to sitting cosy + comforted by the fire πŸ€—

Print + stick into your bullet journal spread for an adorable autumn twist, or use digitally on your mobile phone everyday! Discover our new Tsuki Kitsune bujo for the full fox aesthetic πŸŒ™


Simply pop your email address in the box below to receive your free phone wallpaper! When you’ve had a chance to use it, remember to tag us on Instagram!!

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