Monthly Phone Wallpaper

Monthly Phone Wallpaper ✨

Another April, another free phone wallpaper! πŸŒ±β˜€οΈ

Designed with the amazing @blossom_bujo, who was inspired by the joyful spring season in Japan! Choose from 2/3 kawaii options this month, each with a cute bunny design! πŸ‡

Whichever you choose, follow her adorable bunny friends as they explore the fluttering cherry blossoms of sakura season… 🌸

As always, you can use digitally on your mobile phone, or print + stick into your fav bullet journal spread for a dreamy pastel aesthetic!


To get yours, simply pop your email address into the box below! Plus, get your matching bujo with our new Bunny Blush Collection, also designed with @blossom_bujo! πŸ““

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