Free Lily Pads Calendar Printable 🗓️

Free Lily Pads Calendar Printable 🗓️

August is just around the corner! Do you want to start planning now? Perfect timing! 📆

To celebrate our 3 year anniversary here at Notebook Therapy, we have teamed up with the amazing @lazyeggdesk to bring you this colourful lily pads themed calendar printable! 🎉

Stay organized with your bullet journal and use it together with these lily pads memo sheet printable for a quick checklist, quotes of the day, mini weekly habit trackers + many more! You can download the memo sheets printable ➡️ HERE

Just pop in your email below to download this free calendar printable, print them out and use them in your bullet journal or even use them digitally...enjoy! 💖


Got the printable? Still need to buy a gorgeous bullet journal? We've got you covered! 📓

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