Free Fuji-san Printable Set šŸ—»

Do you know that mount Fuji (aka Fuji-san) is one of the famous mountains in the world? It is also the most iconic symbol for Japan šŸŽŒ

In addition to having the most adorable Japanese stationery on our store, we have worked with the amazing @lazyeggdesk to bring you this Fuji-san printable set to decorate your bullet journal! šŸ—»

This printable set has everything you need to create your own Japanese themed spread! Choose from 4 amazing colour palette, use the memo pads to jot down any thought/quotes, use the to-do list to keep track of important tasks, and decorate your journal with these Fuji-san + sakura doodles! šŸŒø

Just pop in your email below to download this free printable set, print + them out and use them in your bullet journal or even use them digitally...enjoy! šŸ’–


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