Free Fuji-san Printable Set 🗻

Free Fuji-san Printable Set 🗻

Do you know that mount Fuji (aka Fuji-san) is one of the famous mountains in the world? It is also the most iconic symbol for Japan 🎌

In addition to having the most adorable Japanese stationery on our store, we have worked with the amazing @lazyeggdesk to bring you this Fuji-san printable set to decorate your bullet journal! 🗻

This printable set has everything you need to create your own Japanese themed spread! Choose from 4 amazing colour palette, use the memo pads to jot down any thought/quotes, use the to-do list to keep track of important tasks, and decorate your journal with these Fuji-san + sakura doodles! 🌸

Just pop in your email below to download this free printable set, print + them out and use them in your bullet journal or even use them digitally...enjoy! 💖


Got the printable? Still need to buy a gorgeous bullet journal? We've got you covered! 📓

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