5 fun + creative ways to use gouache paints on your bullet journal

5 fun + creative ways to use gouache paints on your bullet journal

Are you looking for ways to incorporate more gouache paintings in your bullet journal? Well you’re in luck!! In this blog, I will be sharing my favourite ways to use gouache on bullet journal.😌 But first of all, I want to answer a couple of questions you might have if you’re new to the world of gouache!✨

What is so special about gouache paint?

Gouache is workable and reworkable like watercolours but can be more intense and pigmented. Because it is water-soluble, you can go back with your brush to soften edges or lift colour even after the paint dries. I personally love using gouache paints for this reason!

Can I paint in a bullet journal?

Paining in a bullet journal is totally possible! If your paper is strong enough to handle paints, you can definitely incorporate some paintings in your bujo. I love using watercolours and gouache paints in my bullet journal - I personally think water-based paints are the best to use on bullet journal but I would recommend going easy on the water. A little goes a long way!

You can paint with watercolour based brush pens such as tombows but if you’re looking to step it up, I would definitely try gouache painting. You will need a good quality bullet journal to hold the paints and I would recommend our tsuki bullet journal! Our tsuki paper is 160gsm, perfect for a wide variety of pen types and waterbased paints.

Alright, now that you know the basics… here are my top 5 favourite ways to use gouache paints in my bullet journal!

1. Painting a scene

I love painting a scene like because I find it so therapeutic! 😌 You can use paintings like this to break up your pages or to do your monthly cover page. You can definitely get creative with it! I find painting skyscapes and seascapes so calming because you can’t go wrong with the brush strokes.🎨 You can get as detailed or as abstract as you want. In this painting, I created a simple skyscape over the sea and I added some sparkly details on the water to show the reflection of the moon and the sparkling stars! ✨

2. Playlist of the month

If you’re like me and you like keeping track of your favourite songs and artists in your bullet journal then you will want to try this! I used gouache paints to paint the little “album covers” for each song. It’s such a fun way to introduce yourself to gouache paints as well as you can work quite small with these.

3. Quote page

Another one of my must-have pages in my bullet journal is a quote page! It’s so simple and it’s a great way to break up your pages from all the heavy, loaded information you might have in it! It’s also just another good excuse to get creative! For this page, I wanted to try out some simple flowers.

Flowers are one of the best subjects you can start off with as a gouache beginner as they are very simple and they’re very forgiving even if you mess up the petals and the stems it will still look natural!

4. Polaroid paintings!

If you love taking polaroid pictures, you will love painting them as well! For this I painted a gradient sky, I love mixing blues and oranges together to create a sunset background. I then added some flowers in the foreground and some sparkles!

5. Collage

If you want to step it up even further, I would recommend incorporating some scrapbook paper for a collage effect! This is also perfect for those of you who might not have a 160gsm bullet journal yet, so you can paint on stronger paper and stick it on your bullet journal for a collage effect!

Those are my top 5 fun ways to use gouache paints on your bullet journal. I hope you found this helpful and inspiring!! ✨ If you’re looking for more ideas, why not check out our top 10 rose themed bullet journal spread ideas?

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