My Top 10 2024 Yearly Bullet Journal Cover Pages

My Top 10 2024 Yearly Bullet Journal Cover Pages


Hey, bullet journal enthusiasts! As we prepare for the new year, let's spice things up with exciting yearly bullet journal cover page ideas to inspire you to start your 2024 bullet journal.

Whether you're a pro or just diving in, this post unveils the top 10 ideas to add that personal touch to your journal. Let's make 2024 a year of creativity and self-expression!

I’m starting with my 2024 yearly cover page which gives off witchy vibes as well as vintage vibes, my 2 favourite aesthetics from 2023 - that’s why I wanted to start off with this theme for the new year. I also still kept it neutral so it doesn’t clash with any other themes.

(Credit: @charizzet)

Up next is this beautiful 2024 cover page by Charizze which ticks all the boxes for me. Simple, stunning + elegant! I love the simplicity of the title and the beautiful butterfly drawings.

(Credit: @lootengstudio)

I love this simple 2-page 2024 cover page spread by Loo Teng where she used fun bubble letters to write ‘2024’ and a quote underneath. I also like the key on the other side which is another bujo essential if you like to use keys to signify events on your calendar.

(Credit: @my_wise_turtle)

This simple cover page features the petal paper from our Tsuki Junk Journal Scrapbook Bundle Set which is a super quick + easy way to add dimension to your pages. I also like the blue paper with the gold lettering to welcome 2024!

(Credit: @mochibujo)

This simple cover page by Hedda is such a fun + hassle-free way to decorate your 2024 cover page. Use your favourite stickers and mix and match + add layers and arrange however you like to create your very own masterpiece.

(Credit: @RishDrawings)

This cute cover by Rish features a window with a beautiful moon and cute items like books and a vase on the window sill. I also love the shelf on the top of the keys section. Such a beautiful + cosy room-inspired 2024 cover page!

(Credit: @gemmaathomeblog)

This cover page is for Gemma’s knitting journal using our Tsuki Sun Solstice Bullet Journal ✨ I love the simplicity of the rainbow wave that goes across the spread.

This cute elegant rose cover page by Emily is so beautiful and I love the quote on the left side of the 2-page spread. I also like the gold accents which makes the drawings pop.

I absolutely adore this journal window cover page by Nay! I love the magical theme with the beautiful, vintage frame and the simplicity of the colour palette with just clean black lines and gold accents. Such a perfect new year colour palette!

(Credit: @lootengstudio)

Up next is another one from Loo Teng, which is this simple 2024 cover page spread with a simple header and some stickers and washi tapes framing the page, where some text can go in the middle and a quote page on the left side. I love the Kiki’s Delivery Service theme but you can definitely adapt this and use a different theme.

As you embark on your Bullet Journal journey in 2024, may these cover page spread ideas infuse creativity into each page and spark inspiration for your daily adventures. Remember, your bujo is a canvas waiting for your unique touch—so dive in, experiment, and let the creative waves flow. Here's to a year filled with organised chaos, intentional living, and the joy of documenting your beautifully messy life! Happy journaling!


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