3 Layer Bento Lunch Box

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  • Take your meal-prep to the next level. This biodegradable wheat straw bento box has a  convenient 3-layer design, making it perfect for taking to work, school gym and more. Freeze it, microwave it, throw it in your bag and get on the move!

    • Convenient 3-layer design - makes your meal prep a breeze
    • Leak-proof + air-tight seal - never worry about leaks again
    • Made from biodegradable wheat-straw - healthy and eco friendly materials
    • Microwave + fridge/freezer safe - just remove container lid and utensils before freezing
    • Compact design - perfect for taking to work, school, gym + more


    Lunch Box Capacity 900ml
    Material Biodegradable Wheat Straw
    Microwave + Freezer Safe Yes
    Includes Lunchbox , Spoon + Fork
    Size 18.8 x 11.2 x 8.3cm


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