Tsuki ‘Lace Dreams’ Washi Tape Set ☾

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Introducing the Tsuki ‘Lace Dreams’ Washi Tape Set by Notebook Therapy ☾

Elevate your spreads + creative projects with the delicate charm of our Lace Dreams Washi Tape Set. Featuring our brand new extra wide PET clear sticker tape roll + more functional tapes for easy and useful decorating! Inspired by intricate lace patterns, this washi tape set is designed to add a touch of elegance + vintage aesthetic to your crafting, journaling, and planning endeavours.

  • Set of 7x PET + washi tapes, including 1x 35mm x 3M paper sticker roll, 2x 10mm x 4M PET tapes, 1x 15mm x 4M brown lace PET tape, 2x 35mm x 4M PET tape, 1x 40mm x 3M PET sticker roll perfect for adding new tones + textures!
  • Eco-friendly vintage-style gift box - store on your desk or shelf!
  • 3 x free PET sticker sheets - with elegant lace-themed design!
  • Made with FSC® certified materials

Decorate your bulle journal with bookstagram washi tapes

Lace Dream washi tape roll swatch on kraft paper card with gold clip

Lace Dream washi tape flatlay

Tsuki Lace Dream collection with washi tape set and stamps

Lace Dream washi tape set opened drawer gift box

Tsuki Lace Dream washi tape set opened box

Tsuki Lace Dream washi tape rolls with gold foil details

Lace Dream washi tape swatch on bullet journal

Tsuki Lace Dream collection with washi tape set and stamps

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