Summer in Italy

Transport yourself to the sunny Mediterranean with our Summer in Italy Collection! Immerse in the vibrant colours and enchanting charm of Italy with 5 new items perfect for capturing memories while enjoying the good life 🌞

Tsuki ‘Summer in Italy’ Washi Tape Set ☾

This set is crafted to evoke the essence of Italian summers, featuring fresh lemon patterns and a countryside charm.

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Tsuki ‘Summer in Italy’ Bullet Journal Stamp Set ☾

This unique wooden stamp set is filled with 11 Italian summer + lemon inspired stamps designed to help you add some fun and freshness to your bullet journal spreads!

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Tsuki ‘La Dolce Vita’ Travel Notebook ☾

This beautifully designed notebook features a vibrant yellow linen cover with an elegant lemon stamp design, perfect for capturing your travel memories while enjoying the good life.

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Tsuki ‘Summer in Italy’ Sticker Set ☾

These Tsuki Summer in Italy sticker sheets are perfect for decorating your penpal letters, bullet journals, scrapbooks and junk journals with fresh lemon + Italian countryside elements for a Mediterranean summer aesthetic.

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Tsuki ‘Lemon Love’ Limited Edition Bullet Journal ☾

This notebook features a beautifully handcrafted yellow linen cover adorned with a delightful lemon design, perfect for infusing your planning with the freshness and joy of summer.

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