MUJI Style Gel Pens - Set of 12
These classic MUJI style gel pens provides consistent free-flowing ink with a smooth glide that allows you to create beautiful consistent lines. Great for studying or adding a touch of colour to your artwork or bujo spreads! Includes: 12 pens Colours: Red / Gold...
$21.99 $19.99
Tsuki ‘Four Seasons: Summer Edition’ Bullet Journal ☾ @milkkoyo x NotebookTherapy
Summer is in the air, and our exclusive Tsuki Summer Edition bullet journal has arrived! This kawaii notebook was designed with the amazing @milkkoyo as part of our Four Seasons Collection for all your bullet journal ideas. Inspired by the...
Zebra Mildliner Double Ended Highlighter - Cool Colors - Set of 5
    These Mildliner Zebra Double Ended Highlighters are essential addition to every stationery addicts toolkit!   The famous high quality highlighters - imported from Japan - are a favourite with artists and student alike. They're double-sided, allowing you to choose from...
from $16.98
Watercolour Brush Pens - Set of 20
Create beautiful, elegant, and vividly vibrant art with these Watercolour Pen Set! A wonderful gift with 20 different colors! We use premium high quality dye giving you bright vivid colors, and brushes made of thin micro fabric hairs, allowing precision...
$41.99 $32.98
Desk Organiser for Pens - Black
Size 9 × 20.5 × 5 cm Product Include 1 Organiser Material Plastic    
$15.99 $12.98
Japanese Landscapes Stickers
Planning of giving something extra special to someone so special? Use your creative ideas and create something personalized! This Japanese Landscapes Stickers will be the best of help! Know that you don't have to spend much to make someone happy!...
$9.99 $9.98
Tsuki 'Ocean Edition' Pop-Up Pencil Case ☾ - Ocean Blue
The new Tsuki ‘Ocean’ Edition Pop-Up Pencil Case by Notebook Therapy. Created in honour of the rolling waves of the deep, these Tsuki ‘Ocean’ Edition pop-up pencil cases have a soothing wave pattern printed onto sustainable vegan leather + are...
Travel The World Stickers
Embrace your wanderlust with these wonderfully quirky Travel The World Stickers. Stick them on journal spreads, postcards, gadgets, anywhere you can think of to add a little extra inspiration! Comes in a beautiful box with 45 high quality stickers.   Includes:...
$10.99 $9.98
Cici Pouch Bag
$19.98 $18.98
Cici Pouch Bag - Black
Size 16 x 21 x 6 cm Strap Height 48 cm (Adjustable) Material High quality corduroy Closure Type Zipper + Magnetic clasp
$19.98 $18.98
Tsuki ‘Four Seasons: Spring Edition’ Bullet Journal ☾ @milkkoyo x NotebookTherapy
Spring is here and so is this special Spring Edition bullet journal, as part of our Four Seasons Collection with the talented @milkkoyo. Inspired by Hanami picnics, the Japanese tradition where friends & family get together to have a picnic under...
Large Cord Eco Tote Bag - Beige
Material High-quality Corduroy Size 38 x 37 x 22cm Strap height 31cm  
$27.99 $22.98
Sold Out
Sakura Petals Set - 4 Pens + Case Included! - Pink
Writing point 0.5 mm Material Plastic          
$14.99 $13.98
Gradient Sticky Memo Notes - Pink
    These Gradient Colour Sticky Index Memo Notes is a wonderful organizational tool to help aid you in your studies. Can be used as book marker and a cute reminder of your day to day schedule. Never miss anything when you...
$12.98 $9.98
Hungry Animals Cord Protector
Material Silicone    
$8.99 $7.98
Little Character Stationery Organiser - Pink
Size 21 x 11 cm Material Polyester Package Includes 1 Organiser            
Transparent Aesthetic Pen Organiser - Blue
Size 20.5 x 9.1 x 5.1 cm Includes 1 Pen Organiser modname=ckeditor
$19.98 $16.98
Glitter Super Gel Pens - Set of 8!
Includes 8 Pens Ink Type Super Gel Glitter Ink colour 8 different colours (see below) Writing Point 0.5 mm Size 16 cm  
$19.98 $16.98
Weather You Like Me or Not Sticker Set
Size 44 x 44 x 11 mm Material Paper Package Includes 46 stickers        
$9.99 $8.98
Sold Out
Check Pastels Stationery Case - Blue - Fox
Size 24 x 17 cm Material Canvas  
$23.99 $23.98
365 Yearly Life Planner - Light Green
    Stay on top of everything that life throws at you everyday with these cute planner! Keep track with your fitness goals, work schedule and more in a pretty way with these 365 Life Planners. The mixed page design is flexible and...
$29.89 $27.98
3 Layer Bento Lunch Box - Green
Take your meal-prep to the next level. This biodegradable wheat straw bento box has a  convenient 3-layer design, making it perfect for taking to work, school gym and more. Freeze it, microwave it, throw it in your bag and get on...
$20.99 $19.98
10 Set of Watercolour Calligraphy Pens
Create beautiful, elegant, and vividly vibrant art with these Watercolour Calligraphy Pens! A wonderful gift with 10 different colors! We use premium high quality dye giving you bright vivid colors. Super easy to use and simple to master, allowing your creative...
$23.10 $19.98
Tsuki ‘Maple Dreams’ Pop-Up Pencil Case ☾ - Stone
Introducing the Tsuki ‘Maple Dreams’ Pop-Up Pencil Case by Notebook Therapy ☾ Our new Maple Dreams Pop Ups are perfect for storing all your stationery supplies for the autumn season. Simply pop down for your desk, and up for taking...

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