Tsuki Pop-up Pencil Case ☾ - Honey Butter
Introducing the Tsuki Pop-Up Pencil Case by Notebook Therapy ☾Designed exclusively by our team in Tokyo, our Tsuki Pop-Up Pencil Case is perfect for storing all your stationery staples! Made from super soft cord + vegan leather, this aesthetic pencil case goes...
$21.98 $19.98
3 Layer Bento Lunch Box - Green
Take your meal-prep to the next level. This biodegradable wheat straw bento box has a  convenient 3-layer design, making it perfect for taking to work, school gym and more. Freeze it, microwave it, throw it in your bag and get on...
$20.99 $19.98
3 Set - Japanese Calligraphy Pens
Length:     14cm Includes:     3 pens     Perfect your Japanese writing skills with this set of 3 Japanese Calligraphy Pens and bring the elegance of Japanese calligraphy to your letters and artwork. Enjoy the experience of writing Japanese characters more...
$13.98 $12.98
Tsuki Pop-up Pencil Case 'Winter Edition' ☾ - Torii Red
 Introducing the Tsuki 'Winter Edition' Pop-Up Pencil Case by Notebook Therapy ☾ Our new Tsuki ‘Winter Edition’ pop-up pencil cases come in rich winter colours made from vegan leather + soft cord. Pop them down when you want a pen...
Pouched Stationery Organiser Pencil Case - Blue
Size 20 x 11 x 9 cm Material Canvas                                        
$18.99 $16.98
MUJI Style Gel Pens - Set of 12
These classic MUJI style gel pens provides consistent free-flowing ink with a smooth glide that allows you to create beautiful consistent lines. Great for studying or adding a touch of colour to your artwork or bujo spreads! Includes: 12 pens Colours: Red / Gold...
$21.99 $19.99
Sold Out
Watercolour Plants + Flowers Stickers - Set of 6!
Size: 8 x 16 cm Includes: 6 sheets of stickers (see below)      
$13.80 $9.98
Cici Pouch Bag - Black
Size 16 x 21 x 6 cm Strap Height 48 cm (Adjustable) Material High quality corduroy Closure Type Zipper + Magnetic clasp
$19.98 $18.98
Japanese Landscapes Stickers
Planning of giving something extra special to someone so special? Use your creative ideas and create something personalized! This Japanese Landscapes Stickers will be the best of help! Know that you don't have to spend much to make someone happy!...
$12.99 $9.98
Travel The World Stickers
Embrace your wanderlust with these wonderfully quirky Travel The World Stickers. Stick them on journal spreads, postcards, gadgets, anywhere you can think of to add a little extra inspiration! Comes in a beautiful box with 45 high quality stickers.   Includes:...
$10.99 $9.98
Desk Organiser for Pens - Black
Size 9 × 20.5 × 5 cm Product Include 1 Organiser Material Plastic    
$15.99 $12.98
Sakura Galaxy Washi Tape - Set of 4! - 1
Size 15 mm x 5 m Includes 4 Washi Tapes        
$15.98 $12.98
Tsuki Bullet Journal Typewriter Style Alphabet Stamp Set ☾
Introducing our new Tsuki Bullet Journal Typewriter Style Alphabet Stamps by Notebook Therapy ☾ The latest addition to our much-loved Tsuki Collection, this vintage lettering stamp set is the ultimate bullet journal accessory + is perfect for adding cute touches...
Tsuki ‘Watercolour Garden’ Stickers - Set Of 10
These Tsuki botanical washi sticker sheets are perfect for decorating your penpal letters, bullet journals, scrapbooks and junk journals with a beautiful watercolour effect. This set comes with 10 beautiful sheets (8 x 16cm).
MUJI style automatic pencils - Set of 3!
These Muji Style automatic pencils are perfect for creating fun + functional designs in your bullet journal spreads. Use these super handy bujo tools for making notes, studying, drawing cute doodles + more! With three aesthetic monochrome colors in each set,...
Double Lines Pen - Set of 6!
Includes 6 Pens Writing Point 0.5 mm Size 143 mm
$18.98 $12.98
Sold Out
Tsuki ‘Sakura Journey’ Limited Edition Travel Notebook ☾
Start a new chapter this spring with our brand new Tsuki ‘Sakura Journey’ Travel Notebook by Notebook Therapy ☾ This petal pink travel journal has been created especially for travel-lovers, as part of our new Sakura Journey Collection! Use to...
from $19.98
Pastel Pen Organiser - Blue
Size 20 x 9 x 5 cm Material Wheat Stalk    
$15.98 $11.98
Sold Out
Tsuki ‘Vintage Kinoko’ Tote Bag ☾
Introducing the Tsuki ‘Vintage Kinoko’ Tote Bag by Notebook Therapy ☾ Decorated with cute mushroom art + a timeless vintage design, this canvas tote bag is the perfect size for all your stationery supplies! Strong enough to carry most laptops...
Tsuki ‘Sights of Japan’ Tokyo + Kyoto Tote Bags ☾
Introducing the Tsuki ‘Sights of Japan’ Tote Bag by Notebook Therapy ☾ This canvas tote bag is the perfect size for all your stationery supplies! Strong enough to carry your 13 inch laptop, your favourite bullet journal + washi tapes...
Tsuki Rainbow Pride Washi Tape ☾
We are delighted to introduce our Tsuki Rainbow Pride Washi Tape, by Notebook Therapy x Gia Sayuri. Our Tsuki Rainbow Pride Washi is a washi made with love. Exclusively designed with artist Gi Sayuri, this tape is inspired by the fight...
Tsuki ‘Ichigo’ Boba Tote Bag ☾
Introducing the Tsuki ‘Ichigo’ Boba Tote Bag by Notebook Therapy ☾ Designed by our team in honour of our favourite bubble tea, this canvas tote bag is the perfect size for carrying all your stationery supplies! Also known as Ichigo...

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