Hinoki - ‘Into the Wave’ Decorative PET Tape Set

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Key details

  • 1. 2 luxury PET tape rolls with release paper
  • 2. Brand new holographic shell effect
  • 3. Extra long illustration loop length
  • 4. Raised gloss pattern details on matte material

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      Introducing our special ‘Into the Tea Wave Decorative PET Tape Set ↟ in honour of Marine Day (海の日) - a Japanese national holiday dedicated to appreciating the beautiful ocean and thanking it for its bounty.

      This luxury set includes 2 Hinoki decorative tapes featuring UV oil printing for crisp details and a brand new holographic shell effect for an added luxurious sparkle. Cut your desired design without wastage with the backing paper so you can save the rest of the tape. The illustration loops are extra long (1m and 50cm) meaning more designs per roll, more options for creativity!

      Take a relaxing visit to the ocean with us as you decorate with these ocean + sealife inspired tapes.

      Buy discounted as part of our exclusive launch bundle, including all 4 key items you need for the full Hinoki aesthetic ↟ Or pair with the Hinoki wave stamps and more than 10%


      • 1 ocean element tape in 5cm width, 1m loop length in 5m roll
      • 1 seamless wave tape in 5cm width, 50cm loop length in 5m roll


      • Cut down desired sections with scissors and pre-arrange them onto your page
      • Peel off the release paper on PET and washi tapes to reveal the adhesive side
      • Mix and match the patterns and tapes, explore your creativity
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