Watercolor Brush Pens Tips & Review 🎨




There’s nothing an artist needs more - an excellent tool.

Having been conditioned to the feel and familiarity of using colored pencil for the past few years, the watercolor brush pens have unexpectedly surprised me with their amazing abilities.

I am very glad to have found another superb art companion - Watercolor Brush Pens from NotebookTherapy ❤.

These brush pens have created so much wonder for me, and today I’m going to show you just how amazing they are. So let’s get started!  




There are 20 brush pens in a set and they come along with this aqua brush! The fine tips of the brush pens make it super easy for coloring and calligraphy as well! If the brush are frayed / dried, just dab it into water and it will be fine again! The brush pens are long lasting and are refillable! They are really a perfect and simple tool for beginners to embark on their watercolor journey.



These watercolor brush pens add life to my drawings! I love them a lot! They also come in handy without the hassle of the need carry palettes to mix traditional watercolors. This saves up so much time when I have loads of school assignments in hand.




1) Use the right paper : watercolor pads are highly recommended, but watercolor brush pens to go well with normal sketchbook and journals :)

2) Create tones in the right way : first apply a light layer of color by dabbing the brush pens into water / using aqua brush pens to spread the colors. After that add more layers of the same color to create the contrast needed :)

3) Use a tissue : when there are several parts to be colored in your illustration, the colors may smudge if they are accidentally mixed together so waiting for one area to dry before applying another area Is important! Use a tissue for faster drying!

4) Mix colors : be experimental and understand the colors of the brush pens well, which could be very helpful when you are coloring and get you inspired!

5) Apply the right pressure : for lettering, different pressures on brush will create different thickness which is something that you have to experiment and practice for lettering!


image can buy this cheeky corgi here. 



These watercolor brush pens have had an astounding impact on my Instagram artwork:  @art_love98

They open up a whole world of possibilities for lettering, doodling as well as bullet journaling!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner – these pens are an excellent addition to your toolkit. I highly recommend them :)


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