• Monthly Phone Wallpaper ✨

    Monthly Phone Wallpaper ✨
    Monthly Phone Wallpaper ✨ New month, new phone wallpaper! 🌿✨ If you love all things botanical, you will adore this August botanical-themed free phone wallpaper with a whimsical flare bringing you nature magic✨ As always, you can use it digitally on your mobile phone, or print + stick it into your fav bullet journal spread for a scrapbook aesthetic! To get yours, simply pop...
  • Bullet Journal Window Ideas

    Bullet Journal Window Ideas Are you looking for new ways to get even more creative with your bullet journal? We’ve got you covered! In this blog post, I will be sharing some of my favourite bullet journal windows with you. What is a bullet journal window? A bullet journal window is when you cut a hole through a bullet journal page so you have...
  • Bullet Journal Dutch Door Ideas

    Bullet Journal Dutch Door Ideas What is a Dutch door? A Dutch door in bullet journaling is a fun and creative technique where you cut sections of your journal pages to create a unique layered effect. This allows you to view multiple spreads simultaneously, making it easier to track and cross-reference information without flipping back and forth between pages. The classic one is cut...
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